How do Probiotics clean?

Probiotics are natures way of cleaning! 100% chemical free and environmentally friendly. Take a listen to our director Chris Munster talk about the benefits of probiotic cleaners and how ProPower can help you effectively clean while keeping your family and environment safe from harsh chemicals. 

Marine & RV


Whether it’s a tugboat, superyacht or a trailer-sailor, ProPower is effective in removing calcification in waste pipes, eliminating odour and improving the longevity of your black water system. 

Tips for using ProPower Marine

Often the effectiveness of any product is based on how it is used. In this video we discuss tips for using Propower in your vessel to maximise the benefits you gain from our product. 

Greywater Tank Treatment


Greywater tanks often develop inorganic deposits which are difficult to remove. ProPrower is highly effective in removing inorganic material from these tanks, leaving the pipes, tanks and sensors clean and working like new.