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More businesses are making the switch to ProPower for their waste reservoir cleaning and deodorisation needs.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning and Deodorisation Products

Our products have a wide variety of useful applications. These include sludge and struvite reduction in septic systems, boats & RV’s and organic odour control for pets and in nursing home. Our commercial product line caters to sewage treatment plants, settling lagoons and commercial marine vessels.

Our products are all environmentally friendly, cost effective and backed by scientific principles which means, unlike many other probiotic treatments, ProPower actually works!




Septic & Biocycle


"I'd highly recommend Probiotic Power as a preventative treatment for discharge hoses & holding tanks, as well as a remedial product should the problem already have manifested itself on board your boat. I certainly received the results that were promised"
Empire Marine
"At Odour Technologies we have been in this business for 20+ years. In that time we have used many so called sludge treatment compounds with marginal or non-existent results. We have previously used Probiotic Power on various septic systems with great results and now with the above treatment on a combined 870,000L we can go forward with confidence when treating any organic wastes"
Odour Technologies
For over ten years, BIOWORX has been helping home and business owners across Queensland and NSW install and maintain their sewage and waste water systems. We highly recommend and only use Probiotic Power's Bio/Septic Treatment. It is especially beneficial for those customers that want an alternative way of controlling the sludge levels and do not want the expense of having to empty the tanks on a regular basis. We have also found it maintains the whole system, odour complaints are less and dispersion fields are working better. The ProPower liquefies the sludge, fats and suspended solids in the sewage allowing the system to operate cleaner - allowing for improved dispersion with less strain on the pumps and pipework and the internal processes and not to forget avoiding the expensive pump out bill to pay for. Our customers are extremely happy as pumps are lasting longer and pump outs are virtually becoming a thing of the past!
Glen Harvey (BIOWORX)

We take care of our Power Users

We work with our customers to find a tailored solution to their cleaning and deodorisation needs. 

Upcoming Events

– Shows currently postponed due to Covid-19, however our sales team are heading as far north as Cairns, sharing insight into the effectiveness of ProPower with business owners. 


– June 2020 – Grey water product line now available on entire east coast. Check our retailers for availability. 

– July 2020 – It is with much excitement that we announce our entry into the larger vessel market including super yachts, tugs and other industry support vessels.